Dungeon Keeper

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Dungeon Keeper is a real-time strategy game with a role reversal, instead of the typical dungeon raiding of Dungeons of Dragons RPGs, in Dungeon Keeper, you create a dungeon and control the monsters.
Random shocking violence meted out arbitrarily

log entries

  • 3084
    I played most of Dungeon Keeper, but might not have finished the last couple of levels. Pretty cool game, although I never really felt I got a full grasp of the strategy.
  • 1998-00-00
  • 6117
    The music of Dungeon Keeper is fantastic and was a great inspiration for me when the game came out. I would listen to the CD tracks and sample parts of it for my own music - having just gotten my first sampler in 98. The music is composed by Russell Shaw, who worked most of the Bullfrog / Lionhead games, including Syndicate, Magic Carpet, and Black & White.
  • 2015-12-27
  • 6109
    Playing Dwarf Fortress made me want to play it's predecessor, good old Dungeon Keeper. I have of course started over, but I can at least keep my save game around from now on.
  • 6110
    I've completed 2/20 dungeons. Building rooms of certain sizes attract different creatures. The maximum room size needed to attract all creatures is 25 tiles.
  • 2015-12-28
  • 6112
    Completed level 3/20.
  • 6114
    Completed level 4/20. My trolls built a bridge to cross a river of lava.
  • 6115
    Completed level 5/20. That's it for the tutorial missions.
  • 6116
    Ah, Snuggledell. Bunnies making more bunnies. I loved that description back in 97.


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