Super Street Fighter II (CP System II)

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Super Street Fighter II

Log entries

  • 3146 
    The MAME machine I set up for the Playdead Housewarming party also featured Super Street Fighter II, which was very popular. I played some matches with Jeppe N and Jonas M, a lot of fun. I did well, mostly because Erik and Kalle didn't play with me. :)
  • 2013-11-09
  • 3150 
    Completed the game with Ryu on 4/8 difficulty. After playing a bit at the party yesterday, I wanted to complete this. It was hard, took something like 32 continues.
  • 2019-06-14
  • 9758 
    I wanted to introduce Malu to Bip Bip Bar, and we started out by playing a bit of SSF2 on a japanese white sitdown cabinet.
  • 2019-07-19
  • 9877 
    We had a meetup with some friends at Bip Bip Bar, and Erik and I played a lot of SSF2, even though the machine had to broken buttons.

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