Amnios (Amiga)

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Amnios is a unique game where you fly across grotesque living planets, shooting planetary organs and horrible creatures, culminating in fights against large boss creatures. The Giger-esque graphics is by far the most impressive feature of the game, created by the talented Pete Lyon. The game is unfortunately rendered almost unplayable by its extremely low frame rate. Music and sound by Tim and Lee Wright does not quite live up to their usual standards.
Biohorror Time Pilot


Scores - FS-UAE:
 95003 ...........  on 2015-07-25

Log entries

  • [3169]
    Except for the awful frame rate, Amnios was pretty interesting: you fly over a big living planet, crawling with disgusting tentacles and pulsating organs, blowing everything to a bloody mess. Gross.
  • 2015-07-25
  • [5607]
    Level 2 password: FRDSNSMNGR
  • [5608]
    Level 3 password: PLFRMNLQSN
  • [5609]
    Got the score 95003 in FS-UAE. Reached level 9/11 and got the password THTHJJRSNN. I remembered how to play this from 24 years ago, and also figured out a few new tricks. My main strategy is:
    • Always stay close to the Fatherships (that's what the floating platform thingies are called in the manual), they regenerate your health and convert DNA to powerups.
    • Collect blue DNA! This powers up your weapon, which is critical.
    • You can rescue humanoids, I think they give 2000 points each, but I'm not sure how important it is. You do get extra lives with points.
    • When fighting a planet's end boss, try to keep it at the top of the screen while shooting at it from your back cannon. This will prevent it from shooting at you.
  • [5616]
    Oh, yes and one very important thing: you select items with Enter and use them with Space. Note that you have to use your weapon powerups for them to take effect!
  • 2015-07-27
  • [5619]
    completed the game and got the score: 117969 (FS-UAE). I started from level 1, leveled up my weapon fully (I don't think the weapon gets more powerful after the final change in graphics), saved a few humans, and stuck close to the Fatherships. I ended up defeating the last boss with 9 lives left. There may have been even more, as the lives display seems to clamp to 9.


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