Alien vs. Predator (CP System II)

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Alien vs. Predator

Log entries

  • [3172]
    Played this cool brawler on MAME, usually picking Predator characters.
  • 2005-05-01
  • [7628]
    My wiki has a 2005 entry about MAME emulation of various games, among them Alien vs. Predator. I created a scoreboard that included this game for some reason. I described it as an 'arcade adventure'.
  • 2007-09-19
  • [4146]
    2014-07-09: Found an old MAME save state on my old Dell Inspiron 510m laptop.
  • 2017-03-09
  • [7552]
    Completed the game with Major D. Schaefer using 16 continues (MAME).
  • [7553]
    Major Schwarzenegger ... I mean Schaefer is a regular xenomorph murder machine. So many aliens were exterminated with his pro wrestling-style 'cutter'.
  • 2021-03-21
  • [11693]
    Completed the game with Hunter / Kurosawa on Easy difficulty (MiSTer).
  • 2021-03-28
  • [11729]
    Completed the game with Schaefer / Hunter / Kurosawa on Easy difficulty (MiSTer). Played through the whole game with Erik.


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