Skidmarks (Amiga)

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         Developer : Acid
             Genre : Racing games
        Other Tags : Tiny cars

not completed.

Log entries

  • [3217]
    Skidmarks is a pretty cool top down racer, and I played a bunch of it. The car physics are detailed and the game handles well. However, I didn't care for the way that the edges of the track were basically invisible walls.
  • 2013-12-14
  • [3270]
    Played a few races with Jeppe N. Running it on my Amiga 500, Skidmarks only allows you to choose the same car model for everyone, and the cars look a bit crappy with only 3 color sprites. But the game itself is pretty impressive; smooth split-screen racing with pretty detailed physics, such as angular momentum being retained when flying in the air. The game is very fast, which takes some geting used to, but Skidmarks holds up pretty well.


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