Wipeout 2097 (PlayStation)

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            Series : Wipeout
         Developer : Psygnosis
             Music : Tim Wright
             Genre : Racing games

not completed.
Psygnosis started out in fantastic style on the PlayStation. Wipeout was an extremely cool franchise, fast, slick hover racing with Mario Kart-style powerups, design by Designers Republic, excellent sound and visuals, and 2097 stood out for having one of the best soundtracks of the decade, with Future Sound of London's brutal 'We Have Explosive' right from the intro, and ingame tracks from The Prodigy, Photek, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Fluke, and Psygnosis' own Tim Wright, who worked on some great soundtracks on the Amiga, such as Shadow of the Beast 2, Powermonger, and Agony.
Wipeout 2097

Log entries

  • [3220]
    Everything about Wipeout 2097 was cool, the soundtrack, the design, the graphics, and I did play this game a fair amount, but floaty racers like Wipeout never really grabbed me like a car racing game would... with the possible exception of Powerdrome.


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