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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

log entries

  • 3253
    I just got a beta key for Blizzards new pay-to-play Magic: The Gathering clone. Hearthstone has the best looking and feeling interface of most virtual card games I've played, so it's a pleasant experience, if maybe a bit simplistic.
  • 3254
    Completed all the tutorial battles without ever coming close to losing, including the battle against Illidan Stormrage, even though the game warned me that the battle was 'not fair' and I should 'blame the game designers'. I blame them for making games that are so well-balanced, that they never could be considered unfair.
  • 3255
    Made a custom Murloc Swarm deck for my Paladin and beat Uther Lightbringer and thus unlocked him for playing myself.
  • 3256
    Defeated Gul'dan the Warlock using a basic Paladin deck.
  • 3257
    Hmm... You can't get more than 30 health for your hero.
  • 3258
    Also, your Hero is a Character.
  • 3259
    Beat Rexxar the Hunter.
  • 3260
    Yay, I lost a game! To the Druid.
  • 3261
    Got the Druid with my Hunter.
  • 3262
    Defeated the Warrior with my Hunter.
  • 3263
    My Warrior lost to the Shaman.
  • 3264
    Damn, my MacBook Pro just had the craziest case of screen corruption. Random pixels everywhere, it's insane. Maybe I should try rebooting.
  • 3265
    Accomplished Beat all Normal Practice opponents.
  • 3266
    Yes, there are Expert level practice opponents as well!
  • 2013-12-17
  • 3280
    Defeated Expert Mage with a basic Priest deck without taking damage. FLAWLESS VICTORY! This game is too easy.
  • 2013-12-21
  • 3286
    Defeated Expert Hunter with a basic Paladin.
  • 3287
    Defeated Expert Warrior with a basic Warlock.
  • 3288
    Defeated Expert Shaman with a basic Warlock.
  • 3289
    Defeated Expert Druid with a basic Warlock.
  • 3290
    Defeated Expert Priest with a basic Warlock.
  • 3291
    Defeated Expert Rogue with a basic Warlock.
  • 3292
    Defeated Expert Paladin with a custom Warlock.
  • 3293
    Accomplished Crushed Them All!. - Defeated Expert Warlock with a custom Warlock.
  • 3294
    completed the game (Single-player). That seems to be all the single-player content in Hearthstone.
  • 2014-07-26
  • 4236
    Blizzard released some new single-player content, so I am in. I've completed Curse of Naxramas: Arachnid Quarter (the only 'story' part that is unlocked yet), and the two Class Challenges, for Druid and Rogue. There is still 'Heroic' mode left...
  • 2014-07-28
  • 4245
    Played a game against Anub'Rekhan on Heroic difficulty. I got it down to 2 health before I lost, so it definitely seems possible.