Killzone: Shadow Fall

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Killzone: Shadow Fall

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  • 3281
    So I went and bought a PlayStation 4 today. It was 4000 DKK, including Killzone. I'm very excited about new consoles.
  • 2013-12-20
  • 3285
    Completed chapter 5/10. The end of chapter 5 looks great, volumetric fog and great focus effects makes Killzone look like a real next-gen game.
  • 2013-12-27
  • 3309
    Completed chapter 6/10. A stealth-oriented chapter with some really annoying checkpointing, took me all night to complete. I'm thankful I never have to do that again.
  • 3315
    Argh! Why is it so hard to figure out where to go? Frustrating!
  • 3316
    The space train sequence wasn't very well done ... and the soundtrack was repetitive - a weirdly short loop.
  • 3317
    Completed chapter 7/10. Very confusing at the end. I failed several times because I didn't discover the turret that would end the fight.
  • 3318
    Just after the start of chapter 8 (after the flying sequence) looks amazing.
  • 2013-12-28
  • 3319
    completed the game on Normal difficulty. After a fake ending and an incredibly frustrating stealth level, I completed KZ:SF. The basic combat puzzle is actually pretty cool - the sequences where you use your guns and your OWL to defeat normal enemies work very well. However, everything else is an unwelcome chore, and the game as a whole seems very unpolished and unfinished.