War Thunder (PlayStation 4)

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War Thunder

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    In my quest to find stuff to play on my new PS4, and after receiving hype from Jauert, I wanted to try out this pay-to-play flight sim. The immediate impression wasn't good, the game seems overly simple and the controls were virtualized to a point where you aim at a point on the screen, and the plane automatically does whatever maneuver needed to get there. I definitely didn't want that, so I changed the control options until I had normal manual control. I fought a multiplayer battle, and it seems you are out of the game when you run out of planes and crews. The game is very number-heavy with a lot of needless metagame, which combined with confusing and unresponsive menus and the looming threat of in-app purchases makes me not want to play it. Assisting my decision, the game just crashed.


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