Resident Evil 6 (Xbox 360)

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            Series : Resident Evil
         Developer : Capcom
             Genre : Third person shooter
            Themes : Horror
        Other Tags : Invasion Mode

      Achievements :

Resident Evil 6

Log entries

  • 3386 
    Inspired by talking about replaying Resident Evil 4 (which was probably somehow indirectly triggered by the re-release of RE4 on Windows), I remembered RE6, the bastard child of the series. It is *really* cheap now, 99 DKK, and after spending some bonus points at Coolshop, I ended up paying only 79 DKK. Let's see if it's as crappy as people say.
  • 2014-01-25
  • 3396 
    It is winter, below freezing, and my room is super cold. I've been thinking about a trick for a while, and figured it was time to try it out. Instead of buying an electric heater, I leave my Xbox 360, my PS4, my Dell XPS (running Dawn of War II), and my MacBook running all night. They should consume a lot of Watts and the heating should be more or less as effective as an electric heater. I'm a friggin' genius.
  • 3397 
    After an explosion-filled prologue, I've started playing Leon Kennedy's chapter. He starts out shooting the U.S. president in the face. Pretty harsh.
  • 3398 
    Wauw, those are the biggest shadow map artifacts I have ever seen. Leon's full screen shadow is like 16 pixels high. Otherwise, the graphical detail in the first chapter is impressive, and the frame rate is pretty solid.
  • 3399 
    Damn, piano doesn't make the piano sound when I shoot it. No attention to detail. :)
  • 3400 
    Why does the camera shake weirdly when I turn and move?
  • 2014-01-26
  • 3401 
    I like that when your character is down, aiming will keep you on the ground, shooting, and releasing aim will stand you up. Yields some nice tense moments.
  • 3402 
    Completed Leon's chapter 1/5. The escape from the campus ended in a very entertaining climax, reminiscent of RE2.
  • 2014-01-28
  • 3407 
    The build up to and reveal of every zombie variant is cool, a thing that the RE series always has excelled at. The slow tension build in the underground lab is pretty effective.
  • 3408 
    Completed Leon's chapter 2/5. Pretty good chapter, although the Temple of Doom sequence at the end was a bit much.
  • 3409 
    I tried playing Agent Hunt, where you join another player's campaign and play as a zombie. That concept is exremely interesting, and it was actually fun to try to take out the players. I definitely want to try it again, possibly on a higher difficulty setting to get myself an advantage. :)
  • 3410 
    Completed Leon's chapter 3/5 with Jeppe as moral support. I allowed other players to 'Agent Hunt' me, which was nerve wracking, but I never really found out who the humans were, I guess they passed the inverse Resident Evil Turing test. I also tried a few short rounds of Agent Hunt, after which we attempted a few runs at RE6's version of Mercenaries, which was a lot of running around, looking for time trophies, and stabbing zombies to get more time. I started chapter 4, which started becoming interesting just after Jeppe left. The meat market scene is pretty memorable.
  • 2015-01-24
  • 5016 
    Inspired by the release of the Resident Evil HD remake remake, I grabbed my 360 out of its box and set it up for the first time in my new home to play some of the newest Resident Evil. That thing hasn't been in use for months. Anyway, going back to the chinese meat market was a brutal reminder of how annoying this game can be. The frame rate is not good, the graphics is inconsistent, and the camera is *horrible*! It shakes uncontrollably at all times, making the game hard to stomach. Besides that, I jumped straight into a very confusing mission where you have to find 3 keys in an area with a confusing layout and waypoints that actually don't help you find the items. For later playthroughs, remember: the last key can only be accessed via the roof, and you have to find a ladder i a shop to get there. The ladder is indicated by a corpse falling down, which I totally missed.
  • 5017 
    The Simmons mutation was great, what a crazy design.
  • 5018 
    So much running from explosions. So many dumb action cut scenes with pointless quick-time events.
  • 5019 
    Hey, I just realized it's exactly a year ago I last played this. Happy anniversary, RE6, it's been great not playing you for a while.
  • 5020 
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty (Leon Campaign). What a horrible last chapter. The climbing sequence was downright awful and the final boss fight was boring.
  • 2015-01-27
  • 5027 
    God help me, I started playing Chris Redfields campaign as well. The first chapter was a big city fight with giants, which had a really cool look, but a bit poorly designed layout. The second chapter was straight up Gears of War, with a team of dudes entering a dusty grey building, fighting against what might as well be Berserkers, big hulking monsters that charge at you and soaks up countless bullets.
  • 5028 
    I'm playing on Veteran, which seems like the difficulty that would be called 'normal' in RE4.
  • 2015-01-31
  • 5033 
    Invisible snake? That's pretty stupid.
  • 5034 
    Inelegant design choice: You get all health back when you die, so when you reach a checkpoint, it's a good idea to die on purpose. Same as Bayonetta, which Jeppe also pointed out.
  • 5035 
    Ada Wong is a monster. She's turning people into mutants.
  • 5036 
    Oh, great. I threw a grenade in the bee swarm boss fight, and the game froze.
  • 5037 
    I lost about an hour of progress. Great.
  • 5038 
    OK, killed the invisible snake again.
  • 5039 
    I got past the bee boss fight. Finally.
  • 5040 
    This chapter never ends. Now's its just reusing sequences from Leon's campaign unchanged.
  • 5041 
    Completed Chris' chapter 3/5. What an awful experience. I actually feel sick from the horribly shaky camera. And this chapter was especially bad: stupid enemy designs, inconsistent and at times downright ugly environment graphics, and an utterly pointless story to tie it all together.
  • 2015-12-29
  • 6126 
    Yikes, this is not easy to get back into. The controls feel sluggish and slow, but the enemies move faster than the typical Resident Evil zombie. Not a good combination. Well, at least it's pretty easy.
  • 6127 
    WTF? I was killed by an enemy that looks like a guy in a bird suit.
  • 6128 
    ... Which apparently is called a 'Meset'.
  • 6129 
    Eurgggh, the camera is making me nauseous ... why is it so close to the character and moves so violently?
  • 6130 
    OK, I'm sitting further away from the TV and it seems to help.
  • 6132 
    ARGGHH! The chase scene in the last chapter is extremely frustrating, I'm dying over and over again without getting any explanation for what I'm doing wrong, save for failing to react properly to the horrible camera angle changes.
  • 6134 
    I went into the HAOS boss fight in the flooded area with no ammo, so I just thought 'F... it' and went in, Bloodborne-style, and hacked it in the back with my knife. I killed the creature without it ever hitting me.
  • 2015-12-30
  • 6135 
    Completed the game on Normal difficulty (Chris Redfield Campaign). Although I had played all of the Chris chapters on Veteran difficulty, going into the final boss battle with no ammo was a horrible experience. After countless attempts at defeating the final form of HAOS with a knife, dying again and again from explosions, I quit the game, and selected 'continue' in the main menu, where I was able to select 'normal' difficulty and continue roughly from where I stopped. A few minutes later, I had completed the game, and was watching a pointless post-credits cutscene of Chris eating a nice stake.
  • 6136 
    Completed Jake Muller chapter 1/5. I'm just running around, kicking soldiers in the face. You know, Resident Evil. What?

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