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Final Fantasy

Log entries

  • [4140]
    2014-07-09: First commit of faqs and stuff to Subversion.
  • 2010-02-03
  • [3518]
    I tried my luck at the first Final Fantasy, in all of its 8-bit glory, and with all its weird bugs. The game was mostly fun due to me recognizing all the sprites from '8-bit Theatre', which I have read over the years. I got pretty far before abandoning it.
  • 2020-07-23
  • [10973]
    I researched a little bit of the romhacks of this game. I wanted to find a clean bugfixed version of the game. I believe that 'Final Fantasy Restored' by AstralEsper is as close to that as possible. I'm very impressed with the work that is represented on, there is even a completely reverse engineered source code of this game available.
  • 2020-07-26
  • [10981]
    I've been craving RPGs for a while now, which is why I started playing this classic JRPG again on the MiSTer. I was considering playing one of the improved versions of this game, but I decided against it, it feels against the spirit of my videos, usually trying to represent the games neutrally, without enhancements and modifications.
  • [10982]
    After playing for a couple of hours, I switched to a different game without saving in the MiSTer menu. My FF savegame lost a lot of progress, and I have now enabled auto-save, where the MiSTer saves, every time I enter the menu. That should prevent lost progress when switching games, as I need to enter the menu to do that.


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