Infamous: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

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Draining neon signs for energy. How very 2014.

Log entries

  • [3606]
    After reading a few reviews, I preordered Infamous, hoping that I will enjoy it more than I did the original. I need something for that PlayStation.
  • 2014-03-23
  • [3610]
    After a great concert with Nis and Asger AKA Danish Machines, I came home pretty drunk and fired up Infamous. I played through the intro, got introduced to the characters, and got myself to Seattle.
  • [3614]
    I've played Infamous all day, it's pretty fun. I just traded my smoke powers for the weirdly pandering neon powers, I preferred smoke, I think.
  • [3615]
    Completed mission 12/16. I now have 'video' power. Weird.
  • 2014-03-24
  • [3616]
    completed the game on Normal difficulty. Very grungy credits, complete with slanted scrolling text with dirty smudges and Nirvana cover song. The game itself is a stylistic mix of grunge and the weird 2010s interpretation of the 1980s look.
  • [3617]
    I found Infamous a mostly very enjoyable experience, a smooth and well-playing third person shooter with some fun super powers. Delsin Rowe has super powers simlar to the X-Men character Rogue, in that he absorbs the powers of any other mutant ... I mean Conduit he touches. After the Infamous games had used the powers of electricity and fire, Delsin ends up with a rather weird set of powers: smoke, neon, video, and concrete. I preferred the smoke power, it looks better than the others, and is far less contrived than 'neon' or 'video'. The video power and its origin, the 'gamer' Eugene, seem especially forced and doesn't fit entirely into Infamous' world. The concrete power is the Seattle-equivalent of Magneto's (X-Men) power, and is used to very cool effect by the main enemies, the DUP troops. Infamous may not have a lot of different enemies, but the ones it does have are very dynamic and fun to fight. The final boss battle was poorly executed, with no real trick or idea to it, and I beat it with brute force and a lot of dodging.
  • [3618]
    Oh yeah, and I played a goodie two-shoe and finished the game with Paragon (good) Karma.
  • 2014-07-05
  • [4111]
    I demonstrated the game for Nabaz and Jangawar, who both wanted to play it after watching the intro.


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