Attack from Mars (Pinball)

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         Developer : Midway
             Music : Dan Forden
            Themes : Alien Invasion
      Release Info : Visual Pinball
       Emulated in : Visual Pinball (2000 Win) 
                     Pinball Arcade (2013 PS4) 

not completed.
Attack from Mars


Scores - Pinball Arcade (PS4):
 21911938380 .....  on 2014-02-16
 17170335310 .....  on 2014-02-16

Other scores:
 776205240 .......  on 2014-04-09

Log entries

  • Got the score 17170335310 in Pinball Arcade (PS4). Man, Attack from Mars is fun the first time you play it. It was made in 1995, and seems typical for the 90s with non-stop sensory overload, tons of modes, mechanical gimmicks such as little jumping green martians and wobbling flying saucers, and insane score inflation. 17 billion points on my first try? Madness.
  • Got the score 21911938380 in Pinball Arcade (PS4). Haha, my score on Attack from Mars was too big for my database, so it just clamped to 2147483647. Apparently, that was the max value for a mySQL INT. Now I've changed it to BIGINT, we can get some really crazy scores in this table. :)
  • 2014-04-09
  • Got the score 776205240. Tonight, I, Søren, Kalle, and Tobias from work took a trip to play at The Pinlab, a local pinball club in a basement in Valby. There was a tournament, and to my great surprise, my beginner's luck put me in the losers bracket finals, proudly ending up with a shared last place out of 4, or, as I call it, 3rd place. :) I chose Attack From Mars as my table, and played my best game on it, although my score was relatively low compared to my best emulated games, I'm still pretty proud. The guy who beat me on this machine had over 3 billion points.
  • 2024-02-27
  • I managed to set this up in Visual Pinball X. I had to learn that Visual Pinball works best in landscape mode, not on my vertical monitor, and how to use End and 8/9 to adjust the volume.

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