Civilization Revolution (Xbox 360)

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Civilization Revolution

Log entries

  • [3782]
    I got this console Civilization game for free with my Xbox Live Gold subscription that will end very soon. Maybe this version of Civilization is dumbed down enough that a strategy game idiot like me will be able to get into it.
  • 2014-04-23
  • [3792]
    My first serious game of Civilization is going great. Playing on Chieftain level (easiest), I'm steamrolling my enemies with my Samurai Knight armies. I have recently invented Gunpowder, which should also help.
  • [3793]
    And now to destroy The French.
  • [3794]
    OK, I captured Paris, which housed J. S. Bach for some reason. I always wanted to have that guy on my side. :)
  • [3795]
    The French are done.
  • [3796]
    completed the game on Chieftain (1/5) difficulty. The Japanese achieved a Domination victory in 1860 AD over Mao, Saladin, Napoleon, and Montezuma.


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