The Last Blade (Neo Geo)

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         Developer : SNK
             Genre : Fighting games
            Themes : Feudal Japan

A stylish sword fighter - very similar to Samurai Shodown, except this game uses a dedicated parry/counter-attack button.
The Last Blade

Log entries

  • [238]
    Completed the game with Kaede on 1/8 difficulty and got the score: 534400. On this difficulty, the normal fights are ridiculously easy. However, Musashi and Shinnosuke Kagami were still challenging. Still this game is nowhere near as hard as Ninja Master's etc.
  • 2009-07-26
  • [258]
    Completed the game with Moriya Minakata on 3/8 difficulty and got the score: 104703. He's cool. I just started playing in AES mode, so the 4 credit limit was a bit intimidating. But I finished on the last credit.


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