Two Crude Dudes (SEGA Genesis)

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         Developer : Data East
             Genre : 2D Brawler
            Themes : Mutants

not completed.
There is something about that car that doesn't make sense.

Log entries

  • [3810]
    I just ordered this, the Genesis version of Crude Buster, from eBay! Can't wait to throw cars at postapocalyptic dudes.
  • 2014-05-05
  • [3840]
    Two Crude Dudes arrived in the mail today. I slammed it into my Genesis and played through most of the game but died unceremoniously on the last level by being shot in the face by a tank.
  • [3841]
    That intro sequence is really going for the Terminator vibe... for a few seconds, and then: Funk!
  • 2014-05-17
  • [3911]
    I played through most of the game with Jeppe N, but after he complained about his controller sucking, we opened it up and cleaned the buttons and their sockets with water and dishwashing liquid. After carefully assembling it, it was almost as good as new.
  • 2019-09-22
  • [10029]
    Got the Beaters achievement. - I played through the first 4 stages on medium difficulty. I hate dogs.


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