King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

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I bought this game very cheap some time ago, and I could see from the ingame records that I never completed it before. The controls feel slightly detached from the animation like Virtua Fighter, but the core fighting is good. All other parts, like the 'story' in Story Mode is horrible... But that is not the biggest of surprises in a fighting game :).
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact

log entries

  • 239
    completed the game with Terry Bogard on 1/8 difficulty. - 'The Legendary Lone Wolf' :). Very, very easy on this difficulty.
  • 241
    completed the game with Leona on 2/8 difficulty. I don't really like her fighting style.
  • 242
    completed the game with Kyu Kusanagi on 3/8 difficulty. Did the last round vs. Duke perfect. Many low kicks will do the trick. :)
  • 243
    completed the game with Seth on 4/8 difficulty. Big violent guy with a tie. I like him. The Duke fight was a bit of a pain, but endless uppercut combos, and actually blocking his Desperation Attacks instead of just eating them finally did the trick.
  • 2009-07-24
  • 247
    completed the game with K' on 4/8 difficulty. I officially hate Mignon Beart. Apart from her stupid name, she's a seriously annoying pink little person.
  • 248
    completed the game with Rock Howard on 4/8 difficulty. Awesome name... :)
  • 249
    completed the game with Ralf Jones on 4/8 difficulty.
  • 2009-07-25
  • 250
    completed the game with Ryo Sakazaki on 4/8 difficulty. FINALLY completed with Ryo Sakazaki. Like so many bosses in fighters, Duke is too cheap. He takes about half my life each time he get's through with an attack; that's not fun, that's just annoying. My current strategy consist of this algorithm:
    • Hold block low, wait for Duke to make an attack.
    • When his attack is finished, if he is within sweep range, sweep low and follow up with 4 low kicks, walk up to him, and when he rises, perform a juggling combo.
    • Repeat.
    • If your Power Gauge is full and Duke makes an attack that will not connect, punish him with a DOA Thrashing that has the appropriate range.
    • If you are in Guard Crush state, try to dodge attacks using R1+directions.
    Training prerequisites for this strategy is learning one juggling combo and one DOA Thrashing with a bit of range to it.
  • 251
    completed the game with Iori Yagami on 4/8 difficulty. - The algorithm still works, except low kicks after the sweep wasn't possible. I just followed up with a combo. 'Get lost! Small Fry!'


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