Altered Beast (SEGA Genesis)

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Original Developer : Sega
             Genre : 2D Brawler
            Themes : Zombies
      Release Info : Sega Genesis Mini
           Port of : Altered Beast (1988 System 16) 

      Achievements :


Log entries

  • 3825 
    I've had this classic Genesis game lying around for two years now, but this was my first serious attempt at playing it. The default difficulty of 3 POWER and 3 PLAYER (lives) and no continues is a bit on the harsh side, so I used B+Start at the title screen to set 5 POWER and 5 PLAYER. In my first game, I reached level 4/5. The bosses of level 2 and 3 are very exploitable. For the level 2 eye melon thing, I just parked my Dragon Beast in front of its face and mashed the lightning attack. For the level 3 snail thing, I jumped my Bear Beast (which is adorable, by the way) around inside it. I died on level 4 and never saw the Cat Beast.
  • 3827 
    Oh, and you can continue from the level you reached by pressing A+Start on the title screen. That should make things easier.
  • 3828 
    OK, I started over with default settings and just using A+Start to continue. I reached level 3 on my first run.
  • 3829 
    Reached the final level.
  • 3830 
    A humanoid rhino?
  • 3831 
    Completed the game on Normal (1/3) difficulty. Used continues.
  • 3832 
    The rhino dude is ridiculously easy. Crouch and punch. That's all. :)
  • 2023-08-20
  • 14828 

    I got 7 RetroAchievements.

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