Gateway to the Savage Frontier (DOS)

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Gateway to the Savage Frontier

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  • [4408]
    I've been talking to Erik and Søren at work about classic western RPGs, and according to Erik, this is one of the best of the classic SSI 'gold box games'. Tonight we tried it out, starting with recreating my Eye of the Beholder party of Fightor, Dworf, Incineron, and Priesty, and adding two new characters to the mix: Dilbo the Halfling Thief and Aragone the Human Ranger. We fudged the stats to the max and started a game. After buying a lot of equipment, the party traveled into the wilderness north of Yartar, and was quickly ambushed by horrible Ankhegs that killed Aragone. I was a bit worn out after not sleeping much the night before, so we retired for now.


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