Bloody Roar (PlayStation)

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🍒 Greg and Gado go beast mode [Mednafen capture]


  • [12718]
    This game runs at 60FPS

Log entries

  • [12720]
    I had a copy of this for PS1, but never got so much into it. I had other fighting games I was focused on, I guess.
  • 2015-07-04
  • [5521]
    This runs perfectly on mednafen, and is pretty fun. I got through the first 8 normal rounds of Arcade Mode without having to use a continue, but the final boss, Uriko Nonomura, is proving a bit tricky to defeat.
  • [5522]
    The credits music ROCKS! *bangs head*
  • [5523]
    Completed the game with Gregory Jones on 4/8 difficulty using 6 continues (Arcade Mode). Big gorilla dude did a lot of Giant Swings and punching.
  • 2022-02-06
  • [12716]
    Completed the game with Greg (Arcade Mode).
  • 2022-02-07
  • [12719]
    I like this more now than I did when it was new, the shape shifting mechanic is a fun gimmick, the graphics looks nice and runs at 60FPS.


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