Alien Resurrection (PlayStation)

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This first person shooter had great camera animation for its time, and is played with standard modern dual joystick controls.
Alien Resurrection


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    Gamespot review:
    The game's control setup is its most terrifying element. The left analog stick moves you forward, back, and strafes right and left, while the right analog stick turns you and can be used to look up and down. Too often, you'll turn to face a foe and find that your weapon is aimed at the floor or ceiling while the alien gleefully hacks away at your midsection. Add to the mix a few other head scratchers - such as how the triangle button controls item and health use - and you'll be wondering how Sony let this get by without requesting a few different control configuration options.

Log entries

  • [5529]
    I've wandered around level 1, but didn't find a weapon yet. Playing on the mednafen emulator.
  • 2015-07-07
  • [5538]
    I was joined by Mikkel S and Tuki, and later on Nabaz and Jonas, and we tried our luck at Alien Resurrection. The game is pretty difficult, even on easy, and there was lots of yelling and cursing. Occasional frustration with the difficulty and the somewhat uninspired level layouts was not enough to keep us from enjoying what was still a pretty fun time.
  • 2017-10-28
  • [8153]
    I tried playing this with a mouse, which works pretty well. In Mednafen, I press Ctrl+Shift+2 to switch the control input for port 2 to mouse, and can then map the controller input for port 1 to keyboard.


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