Akumajō Dracula (Sharp X68000)

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            Series : Castlevania
         Developer : Konami
             Genre : Action adventure
      Release Info : Japan-Only Release

not completed.
A remake of the original Famicom Castlevania, with updated graphics and sound and modified level design.

Log entries

  • [6485]
    After a bit of research, I got MAME to emulate a Sharp X68000 and run this game. I had to have a BIOS file named 'x68000.zip' in the 'roms' dir and run the emulator with a command-line like this:
    mame x68000 -flop1 disk1.zip -flop2 disk2.zip
  • [6486]
    Very important feature when emulating computers in MAME: Scroll Lock toggles keyboard modes between emulated keys and MAME shortcut keys.
  • 2021-07-11
  • [12076]
    On the MiSTer, pressing '3' when loading the game seems to work.


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