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Scores - The Mercenaries: The Village:
 299225 ..........  on 2021-06-09


  • [11942]
    It is safe to sell Treasures not marked 'Combinable'.
  • 2021-06-07
  • [11964]
    This game has no item box, your suitcase is all the inventory you have.
  • [11965]
    Weapons can be stored at The Duke's place for a fee, by selling it to him and buying it back, upgrades included.
  • [11966]
    After completing the game, you can go the 'Extra Content Shop' in the main menu, and buy new special weapons or infinite ammo versions of any gun that you have fully upgraded in your game and *own when you beat the game*. This shop needs Challenge Points (CP). So before completing the game, buy all the guns you want to use in the beginning of New Game Plus.


  • [11988]
    Mother Miranda: You never know, do you? Even when I took Mia's place in your home.
  • [11989]
    Mother Miranda: Rose is Eveline's true, complete form
  • [11992]
    Eveline (dream?): You're dead. [...] It wasn't Miranda, you were always dead. [...] You mean you didn't think it was weird - No matter how much you got hurt? Remember? Three years ago, the Baker house. You were murdered by Jack. You died there, three years ago. [...] You shouldn't even be able to walk around. [...] Now do you get it? Your whole body is nothing but mold!

Log entries

  • [11512]
    There is a demo out today! Can't wait to try it.
  • [11513]
    The full game is out May 7th.
  • [11517]
    I played through the 'Maiden' demo and got to meet Alcina Dimitrescu, the blood-drinking castle inhabitant. I'm of two minds about this demo. The graphics are of a similar style as RE7, going for realistic textures and shading. Like that game, this looks a little bit stylistically messy and incoherent. I has hoping for a larger jump in fidelity, but maybe I just got a jump in resolution. I was also disappointed with a big non-functional mirror on the PS5, which does make sense because your character doesn't actually have a body in this demo. What annoyed me more than anything was the footstep sounds, which are loud and annoying, because they don't correspond to anything visual on the screen. When you're playing a dynamic game with quiet sequences like this one, footsteps should almost disappear, especially for a first person game, where they don't correspond to anything visual.
  • 2021-02-08
  • [11549]
    I preordered the game for 500 DKK.
  • 2021-04-16
  • [11807]
    Next demo is out this sunday night.
  • 2021-04-18
  • [11818]
    I played through the 30 minute time-limited demo, explored the tiny detailed village, fought some goofy looking werewolf dudes, and met a few of the villagers. The environment looks amazing, but the enemies are a bit silly.
  • 2021-05-19
  • [11927]
    Martin and I played through the first part until the meeting with the witch. The opening of this game is very entertaining.
  • 2021-05-24
  • [11940]
    I played alone for the first time. It wasn't as spooky the second time around, but I got to enjoy looking around the detailed artwork of the village and Castle Dimitrescu. I killed two of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters and in turn she cut my hand off. Which I then glued back on with a health potion.
  • [11955]
    I reached the roof and killed some horrible flying things with my Sniper Rifle.
  • 2021-06-02
  • [11956]
    Finally, I'm back to RE8. I sold everything 'Valuable' and not 'Combinable', which got me Lei (money) for upgrading 'Power' on my weapons and buying a magazine upgrade for my pistol. Lady D was right outside the save room, menacingly wandering around. The 3D audio works, and I usually have a pretty good sense of where she is. After some hide-and-seek, I managed to lure her out into the yard. Since Ethan is way faster than her, I could run around her and get to my destination.
  • [11957]
    I love the idea of the ball puzzles, but I wish they were more fun to play. The camera is weird, and the ball tracks are a bit too simple.
  • [11958]
    Got the That Sucked! trophy. - Lady D mutated into a horrible flying monster, which I unloaded all my ammo into, killing her with my final pistol round! I got a yellow flask, which apparently contains Ethan's baby's head. Very unsettling.
  • 2021-06-05
  • [11959]
    Back to the village, I started combing through it for items. Walking around the super-detailed little area looking for stuff is oddly very satisfying. And the occasional werewolf encounter makes it even more fun.
  • [11960]
    I went to the new area 'Potter's Field' and entered the spooky House Beneviento, which is full of dolls. I have no weapons here, and there is a wooden doll that seems to represent the corpse of Mia. I'm not even sure that it isn't her, and Ethan is under some spell to make it look like a doll.
  • [11961]
    Oh God, there is a horrible monster baby! It's right out of Silent Hill, what a nightmare.
  • [11962]
    Got the Got No Strings trophy. - At first I didn't understand the puzzle of finding the right doll. I thought I had to stare at the dolls with the shaking heads. That was a red herring, I just needed to find the doll in the white dress a couple of times. And that was the end of Donna Beneviento.
  • [11963]
    I just realized that they removed the item box from this Resident Evil. Your suitcase is all you have. Is this the first one, after 25 years of item boxes? I like this simplification. Having to go to the item box with stuff and carefully making a loadout for the next run isn't my favourite part of Resident Evil.
  • 2021-06-07
  • [11987]
    The enemies of the factory area remind me of Tetsuo the iron man. Very neat 1980's inspired design. The Sturm is a cyborg combination of a mangled human body and a propeller aircraft engine. His arms are cut off by the propeller.
  • 2021-06-09
  • [11990]
    Mia was Mother Miranda and Rose was the resurrected Eveline (from RE7).
  • [11991]
    Mother Miranda just ripped Ethan's heart out, Mortal Kombat-style!!
  • [11993]
    Ethan is somehow alive again. He sees Eveline in a dream(?) and she tells him that he's been dead the whole time, replaced by mold.
  • [11994]
    completed the game on Standard difficulty. And now Ethan is blown up by a giant bomb, and Chris, Mia, and Rose are safe.
  • [11996]
    Got the score 299225 in The Mercenaries: The Village.
  • [11997]
    I started New Game Plus on Hardcore difficulty, but now I have an infinite ammo W870 TAC combat shotgun, which turns the game into a fun monster-blasting experience. Time to get revenge on those werewolves.
  • [11998]
    I killed Lady Dimitrescu again.
  • [11973]
    I played 5 hours of Resident Evil tonight...


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