Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox Series X)

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  • [12136]
    This amazing game has a map of the entire world, brought to life with 3D models of houses, roads, and trees, enabling you to visit a recreation of any place you want to go.
  • [12137]
    First I managed to take off from Kastrup Airport and fly west. I didn't set the time of day, so it was pitch dark, and I couldn't figure out how to turn on the cockpit light.
  • [12138]
    Next up, I went to Campo Grande in Brazil and visited Malu's old home town. The green mountains are beautiful to fly over, and I managed to do a rough landing on a plain.
  • [12139]
    Finally, I took off with a little propreller airplane from Aalborg Airport, towards Fjerritslev. I landed on Bakkevej, next to the little hill where cows usually roam, and saw my dad's house. Amazing experience.
  • 2021-08-06
  • [12162]
    I took a little flight over beautiful Iceland in a Diamond DA62.


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