Path of Exile (PlayStation 4)

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  • [12229]
    This is how my mind works. I saw an ad for the Diablo II remake, which is not our for two more weeks. Then I started looking at Diablo-likes, and if there was a good one I didn't play yet. The obvious answer was Path of Exile, a game that I played before on Xbox One, but never spent more than a few hours with. So I installed the PS4 version on my PS5 and created a new Witch character, Necromancor. Guess what she specializes in.
  • [12235]
    I played for over 4 hours without even noticing. This game really gets its hooks into you.
  • [12236]
    I'm impressed with the level of polish and how well-designed the interface is for such a complex and open game. Is this the ultimate Diablo-like that's not Diablo?


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