The Artful Escape (Xbox Series X)

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  • [12299]
    This is a side-scrolling adventure game, light on interactivity, and heavy on cinematic sequences and dialogue. I'm amused by the main character, who is the nephew of a Bob Dylan-esque folk singer that secretly dreams to play psychedelic progressive guitar rock. The animation style is not necessarily my cup of tea, but is interesting nonetheless: the characters are mostly 2D 'jumping jacks', animated by rotating 2D limbs around joints, but with hands and possibly faces modelled in 3D. The result looks a bit awkward, but the graphics is polished enought that it works. The pace was too slow for us, but it might be right for some players. The platforming gameplay wasn't interesting during the time we spent, but I had hopes for the guitar parts. However, it's a very simple memory game where the buttons do not correspond to musical pitches - same not will correspond to different buttons, and vice versa. Also the music note input is a bit rough, and you will sometimes have a missed input. There is no punishment for this, but it's just unsatisfying.
  • [12300]
    The dreamy side-scrolling new age sequences remind me of Planet Alpha.


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