Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox Series X)

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            Series : Forza
         Developer : Playground Games
             Genre : Racing games
      Release Info : Xbox Game Pass

      Achievements :

not completed.
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Log entries

  • [12386]
    After seeing some beautiful trailers, I've been looking forward to seeing what this looks like on the Series X. It should be out in 3 days, and I've preloaded the game already.
  • 2021-11-09
  • [12402]
    This game is finally out, and I played for hours today. It's *incredibly* casual, and reasonably fun to roam around Mexico with beautiful Series X graphics at a smooth 60 FPS.
  • [12403]
    I created a lady with blue hair and cool blue robot arms. I guess technically, they are prosthetic arms.
  • [12404]
    The amount of options in this game is almost frightening. Accessibility options including text-to-speech, color blind options, control options, and even an option to play in slow motion, which honestly sounds pretty neat.
  • [12405]
    After some experimentation, I found that I like the same kind of difficulty settings as I do in other games: simulation controls, no assists, and very easy AI.
  • [12406]
    The mix is incredibly loud and dense, with everything turned up to the max and channels ducking each other. The sounds are very good, but I really don't like the mix. I have made a different mix where I turned the voices down completely, and created some space by turning down the engine sound.


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