Tekken 2 (PlayStation)

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  • 12638 
    Frame rate: 60 FPS.

Log entries

  • 1164 
    Hey, this isn't bad. Way better than Tekken.
  • 1165 
    Completed the game with Yoshimitsu on Medium (2/3) difficulty.
  • 1166 
    Completed the game with Paul on Medium (2/3) difficulty.
  • 1167 
    Completed the game with Heihachi on Medium (2/3) difficulty. Heihachi is awesome.
  • 1168 
    Completed the game with Nina on Medium (2/3) difficulty.
  • 1169 
    Completed the game with Law on Medium (2/3) difficulty.
  • 1171 
    Completed the game with Lei on Medium (2/3) difficulty.
  • 2011-07-29
  • 1174 
    Completed the game with Jack-2 on Medium (2/3) difficulty. I'm playing Tekken 2 on my MacBook Pro sitting on my balcony in a comfortable armchair. The laptop is in the shade, I'm in the hot Cairo sun. I have the next week off, and my friends Jonas and Kanako are coming to visit me from Denmark tonight. Life isn't half bad. Also, I just unlocked P. Jack, which I completely forgot existed. Yeah, P. Jack!
  • 1175 
    Completed the game with P. Jack on Medium (2/3) difficulty. I love P. Jack!
  • 1176 
    Completed the game with Jun on Medium (2/3) difficulty. Jun is pretty cool.
  • 1177 
    Completed the game with Michelle on Medium (2/3) difficulty. I hate Michelle. Everything about the way she plays annoys me. Took me 45 minutes to beat the game with her...
  • 2022-01-22
  • 12631 
    Tekken 2 plays with sound on the MiSTer core now, but without CD audio, and it crashed after a few fights.
  • 2022-07-13
  • 13292 
    Completed the game with Heihachi (MiSTer). I had forgotten how awesome the Tekken 2 music is.
  • 13293 
    Completed the game with Paul (MiSTer). Paul almost seems overpowered.
  • 13294 
    Completed the game with Lei (MiSTer). Lei is similar to his Tekken 3 counterpart, albeit simpler.
  • 13295 
    Completed the game with Marshall Law (MiSTer). I had a lot of trouble with Law, I needed to learn how to play defensively.
  • 13296 
    Completed the game with Nina (MiSTer). Nina is difficult, but she has counter-throws like Paul, and seems very powerful.
  • 13420 
    Completed the game with Jun (MiSTer).

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