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  • I have now spent a few days with the Steam Deck, and I have a few thoughts about it. I think it's a very nice piece of hardware, from the size of the screen and the controls and the build quality, to how capable the hardware is of running PC games without a hitch. The fan is quiet most of the time, and the battery life ended up being better than I expected: I managed to play a bunch of older or less demanding games for almost a whole 4 hour train trip on a single charge. However, the most surprising part for me was how polished and well-designed the software is. The Steam Deck compatibility ratings are cleverly designed to clearly show what works, while still allowing you to experiment with games that might not work. And the compatibility of the 10 games I have played so far was perfect, save for a minor UI scaling issue with Titan Quest. I think the Steam Deck is amazing, and although I don't really need a handheld gaming device, this seems like the one to get for me.
  • Jamestown doesn't have cloud save support (to be fair, it is from 2011), so I wanted to transfer the save game from the Deck. I used SFTP, and here is how:
    How to enable SFTP/SSH:
    STEAM menu:Power:Switch to Desktop
    Open 'Konsole' STEAM+X opens on-screen keyboard passwd sudo systemctl start sshd
    Get IP address:
    ip addr
    SSH to deck@[IP_ADDRESS]
    Where are the saves? Check under /home/deck/.local/share

Log entries

  • This is the first time I played this for real. In the train from Aalborg to Copenhagen, I played through the all but the final level on Legendary difficulty. I've reached the 2nd form of the final boss, but haven't beaten him jet.

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