Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai (TRS-80 Micro Computer System)

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Log entries

  • [13391]
    I was curious about this old RPG, and wanted to try it out on the MiSTer. First I tried the Commodore PET core, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding games for the PET. The TRS-80 games are more accessible, and the computer has some nice online resources. This game is highly confusing to play, though, it makes Rogue seem downright user friendly.
  • [13392]
    Starting games from disk on the TRS-80 is not trivial. Here is what I figured out:
    In MiSTer OSD:
      Mount disk 0: NEWDOS*.DSK
      Mount disk 1: [game disk]
    List game files: DIR 1
    Example files: APSHAI/JCL <- chain file (script, like a BAT file) SWAMP/CMD <- binary STUFF/BAS <- BASIC program
    Starting APSHAI/JCL:
    chain apshai
    Starting SWAMP/CMD:
    Starting STUFF/BAS:
    basic runstuff/bas


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