NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Genesis 32X)

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            Series : NBA Jam
Original Developer : Midway
             Genre : Basketball
           Port of : NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1994 Arcade) 

not completed.
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  • From the manual:

    COMPUTER ASSISTANCE: [..] When on, [..] will cause the computer to make sure that games remain close by cooling off any team that gets too big a lead! Turn off to give both teams a 'fair shake'.

Log entries

  • I tried the PSX version, which looks better, but I'm annoyed by the long load times. Playing casual arcade ports from a cartridge seems way better. This version is supposed to be good.

  • I lost a game with the Bulls against the Dallas Mavericks.

  • 2023-04-18
  • I won my first game against the easiest CPU. This port seems great. Apparently, I don't know many players from the mid-90s. Dennis Rodman is here, I guess.

  • 2023-05-02
  • I ordered a bunch of USB retro controllers for playing MiSTer games. I don't know if they are good quality or not.

    • For the Genesis, I got a Retro Bit SEGA Mega Drive 6-B, which is a semi-transparent blue 6-button Genesis controller. I preferred the black one, but it's sold out. There are several versions of this controller, which lead me to accidentally order the wrong one:
      • A 6-button joypad with a DE-9 connector, which works with the original console (which I accidentally ordered and cancelled)
      • A 6-button joypad with a USB-connector (which I ordered instead)
      • An 8-button joypad with a USB-connector (I don't want extra buttons, the reason I wanted to buy retro controllers is to simplify controls when playing on the MiSTer)
      • An 8-button joypad with 2.4G wireless connection
    • For the SNES, I got a Joy-iT gamepad.
    • For the NES, I got what is seemingly a no-name one.

    I hope they work, but if they don't, they weren't that expensive.

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