The Last Case of Benedict Fox (Xbox Series X)

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  • 14417 

    The default exploration setting hides door types and missing items on the map. The 'I hate being lost' setting shows that information. Highly recommended.


  • 14420 

    The sound design and music is incredibly repetetive, and it really gets on my nerves. There is constant roars in the background, constant drum loops on the map, and I just want it all to take a break.

Log entries

  • 14385 

    I thought this was an INSIDE-like game, but it has 2D brawler combat, detective work, Resident Evil-like item inspection, and a map.

  • 2023-05-06
  • 14386 

    This game is a Lovecraftian detective game with 2D combat and cryptographic puzzle solving. We love it!

  • 14387 

    We found a cipher with all numbers and letters for the ingame symbols. And we have a cipher device where the two first digits are locked to 18. The numeric symbols express 1-4 decimal digits per symbol.

  • 14388 

    This game is rough around the edges. The frame rate is very unstable, even on Performance Mode, the platforming is a little unprecise, the combat feels random at times, the sound design and music has repetetive elements, and we had a bug where there was no ambience or music at all, only some rough sounding footsteps. Also, annoyingly, you enter the map with Start and exit with B, which we keep messing up. Despite of all those things, we still love the game.

  • 14389 

    The Loneliness was a horrible runner sequence where slight mistiming of jumps and blocks results in restarting the sequence over and over again, eventually leading to game over, a slightly long load sequence, having to inspect and item, and then start over. Very frustrating.

  • 14392 

    For the first time, we used AI to help us solve a puzzle. The game had a puzzle that included solving the (very simple) equation:


    I asked ChatGPT to solve it:

    x-100+10+1=1810, solve for x

    and it gave me the correct answer, 1899.

  • 2023-05-10
  • 14401 

    Playing half an hour before work, We finally got the Kogai Pin which unlocks most of the locked doors in Limbo.

  • 2023-05-18
  • 14416 

    We found a new area, got a Flashlight and upgraded it fully.

  • 14418 

    The final campfire rotating disc puzzle was too annoying to solve, so I employed brute force Ruby scripting:

    # Final camp puzzle
    # Positions are triples [inner, middle, outer]
    # - adjusting left is negative, right is positive
    start_pos  = [0,0,0]
    target_pos = [2,3,4] # relative to start_pos
    moves = [
      [" in ->", 1, 0,-3], ["mid ->",  0, 1,-4], ["out ->",-1, 1, 1],
      [" in <-",-1, 0, 3], ["mid <- ", 0,-1, 4], ["out <-", 1,-1,-1] ]
    puts "Moveset:"
    moves.each do |m| puts m.inspect end
    def do_move(pos, move) # rotate 'pos' as specified by 'move'
      [(pos[0]+move[1])%10, (pos[1]+move[2])%10, (pos[2]+move[3])%10]
    (1..5).each do |move_count|
      print "."
      (0..10000).each do |t| # retries
        pos = start_pos 
        movelist = []
        (0..move_count).each do |m| # try 'move_count' random moves
          move = moves[rand(6)]
          pos = do_move(pos, move)
          if (pos == target_pos) then # solution found!
            # Moves correspond to vector *addition*, order of moves doesn't matter
            movelist.sort!{|a,b| a[0] <=> b[0]}
            puts "\nsolved in #{move_count} moves after #{t} retries. " +
                    "pos:#{pos} target_pos:#{target_pos}"
            puts "start  #{start_pos.inspect}"
            pos = start_pos
            movelist.each do |solution_move|
              pos = do_move(pos, solution_move)
              puts "#{solution_move[0]} #{pos.inspect}"
    # solved in 5 moves after 1110 retries. pos:[2, 3, 4] target_pos:[2, 3, 4]
    # start  [0, 0, 0]
    #  in -> [1, 0, 7]
    #  in -> [2, 0, 4]
    #  in -> [3, 0, 1]
    # mid -> [3, 1, 7]
    # mid -> [3, 2, 3]
    # out -> [2, 3, 4]
  • 14419 

    The idea of looking at a self-playing piano for chess moves is fun, but when you can't ready the letters and numbers on the chess board due to poor lighting or texture quality, it's very annoying to solve.

  • 2023-07-27
  • 14692 
    Got the Connoiseur achievement. -

    We found all the records and listened to them. Good work, Girlfriend.

  • 14693 
    Completed the game.

    After a long break, we went back and competed this game. The big spider came and stabbed the dad with the leg, LIMBO-style. The Inquisitor boss fight was a bit frustrating, my main complaint is that the dodge move requires 'mana', which makes it reliable.

  • 14694 
    Mastered this game.

    We continued the game, bought all the upgrades, and got the final achievement.

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