R-Type Final (PlayStation 2)

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R-Type Final

Log entries

  • [149]
    completed the game with TP-2H 'Pow Armor' on Baby (very easy) difficulty. Played stage F.A .
  • 2008-06-01
  • [150]
    completed the game with R-13A 'Cerberus' on Kids difficulty (easy) difficulty. Stage F.B. Extremely nice with alternative levels; at the end of level 6.1, my R-13A 'Cerberus' changed into a monstrous B-1D 'Bydo System α', and I fought a dogfight against a R9-A 'Arrowhead'. Now I know who the lone red ship in the very beginning of stage 1.0 is :). Very nice.
  • 2021-01-15
  • [11503]
    Warming up for the sequel to this game that supposedly is coming out this spring, I wanted to try playing this on the PCSX2 emulator. I runs mostly OK, but there are still some graphical glitches in the distorted level (black polygons in the back) and a few audio glitches here and there, which PCSX2 handles with time-stretching. Less noticable that stutters or gaps, but now I'm paranoidly listening for time-stretching in all of the audio, an effect that was not out of place in early 2000s sound design.
  • [11504]
    completed the game with R-9A3 Lady Love on Baby difficulty.


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