StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm (Windows)

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StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Log entries

  • [2503]
    Upgraded by Wings of Liberty to Heart of the Swarm for 40 EUR.
  • 2013-03-13
  • [2505]
    Completed mission 3/20 of the campaign. Love the new units, and look forward to the awesome campaign-specific Zerg units, such as the Aberrations. Pure bio-horror.
  • 2013-03-14
  • [2508]
    Played 4 co-op matches with Mikkel G against Easy and Normal AI opponents. We both played as Protoss, and we won 3/4 matches. This game feels and looks so good.
  • 2013-03-22
  • [2520]
    A really nice evening at the new Playdead place, Mikkel G, Kristian, and myself played a few rounds of HOTS. It went well for me, I seemed to win most of the matches, although I believe Mikkel is quickly becoming better than me. I'm really enjoying StarCraft II right now.
  • 2013-05-02
  • [2600]
    These couple of weeks, I've been playing a lot of matches with Mikkel G, often 2v2 against Normal and Hard AIs, and we always win!
  • 2013-12-06
  • [3215]
    Played two 4v4 matches with Nis, Erik, and Kjems, I was quickly annihilated in both, and wasn't motivated to keep playing.
  • 2014-09-28
  • [4608]
    Played a campaign level. This game is cool.
  • 2014-10-15
  • [4675]
    A few matches with Nabaz and Jeppe N. I did resonably well in the first couple of matches, until we started playing against Hard AI's.
  • 2016-07-23
  • [6742]
    Won a VERSUS A.I. battle against an easy A.I.
  • 2021-08-31
  • [12542]
    I won a match with Terrans against a Very Easy Zerg AI.
  • [12220]
    I'm trying to record some of the campaign in 4K on my Ryzen 7-RX5700XT computer. It seems to work.
  • [12221]
    Completed mission 3 on Casual difficulty.
  • 2022-01-16
  • [12586]
    Erik and I played a couple of missions in the co-op campaign. It's neat, you can play as different commanders with different units and abilities. There are even a character that plays with infected Terrans, which was very tricky to play.


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