CWM Moria (Amiga)

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         Developer : Thomas H. Davies
            Genres : Roguelike
                     Randomized Levels

not completed.

The original Moria was written in VMS Pascal for a VAX-11 in 1983 by Robert Alan Koeneke and Jimmey Wayne Todd Jr.. Umoria was a port written in C by Jim Wilson in 1987 with minor modifications, and CWM Moria is an Amiga port of Umoria by Thomas H. Davies based on Umoria, the current version on aminet is from 1994, and is based on Umoria 5.5.2, the newest version.

CWM Moria


 6802 ............  with Dwarf Warrior on 2014-03-31
 1279 ............  with Human Warrior on 2013-08-24

Log entries

  • I believe this was the version of Moria I played on my Amiga 1200, and the first roguelike game I was exposed to. I can remember finding it fascinating at the time, that when thinking about playing Moria, I was seeing vivid images of dark underground halls dimly lit by a torch, most of which was created by my imagination from playing a game with some very simple graphics. I think I downloaded this game from aminet, which would have been around 1998, when I was studying music science at Aalborg University and had proper access to the internet for the first time in my life.
  • 2013-08-24
  • I got this running on WinUAE, the first time I tried CWM Moria since the 90s. I boot my emulated Amiga 500 from a Workbench 1.3 disk, and start the game from an emulated HD:
    assign moria: DH0:CWMMoria
    assign libs: DH0:CWMMoria
    stack 30000
    cd moria:
  • Got the score 1279. Damn, my brave level 8 warrior 'asdf' died on dungeon level 4. Compared to Angband, Moria seems a bit empty. Not a lot of monsters, but apparently, poison still kills you. I was really missing a scroll of Word of Recall in this game.
  • 2014-03-31
  • Damn Green Icky-Things on level 7 touch to corrode my precious items, and Giant Red Frogs weaken me, which is permanent (until I find some potion or something). And now I'm hungry and out of food...
  • Got the score 6802. Ironically, Skinke the level 10 Warrior died on level 4 of starvation.
  • Oh no, Elife the Novice Mage died in a Fire Trap on Level 1. Puny.
  • 2014-04-01
  • Green Worms corrode as well. Do green creatures always do that?
  • Yellow Worms drain dexterity.
  • Green Nagas spit acid!
  • Oh man, I was locked in a horrible stalemate in a doorless room with a Yellow Jelly that kept draining my mana before I could Phase Door out of there. I finally managed to get out...
  • I was out of food as well, and I felt the creeping horror of having to starve to death in this room with this Yellow Jelly. But now I leveled up, and I gained the best spell: 'Create Food'. Now to eat some Fine Grade Mush.
  • I have learned an Identify spell! However, the 'Fail 93%' makes it slightly tricky to pull off. I assume I'll get better at it later...
  • Elfie II the Elf Mage is doing pretty well, 4369 points so far, and is level 11. She escapes from many dangers with her Lightning Bolts, Wand of Slow Monster, and Phase Doors.
  • 2014-04-03
  • Elfie II the Elf Mage has fallen on some bad luck, and has reduced Strength, Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma. Restoring these stats doesn't seem possible for a Mage without drinking expensive potions.
  • Also, this may be obvious, but Wands weigh less than Staves. Important if you have Strength 3.
  • Phew, that was a close one ... My level 13 Mage was stuck in a dead end with no Mana and an Orc and a Greedy Gnome slowly stabbing her to death. I used a Wand of Stinking Cloud and killed them both, managing to escape.
  • 2014-04-06
  • R* means rest until fully healed and full Mana.
  • Elfie is level 14 and doing well. However, even though it's satisfying to be a powerful wizard, I'm starting to feel the game is moving too slow. Progress is slow, the Mines of Moria are too empty. The game should be more dense, every moment should matter more.

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