Apocalypse (PlayStation)

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Dual-joystick shooter with a wise-cracking polygonal Bruce Willis as the protagonist. The game was developed by Neversoft, who went on to make the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, the PS1 Spider-Man game, and the Guitar Hero franchise.


Log entries

  • I played and enjoyed this very 90s-style dual joystick shooter, but I don't think I got beyond level 6/10.
  • 2013-12-23
  • Completed level 2/10 and reached the cyberpunky city. The frame rate is a bit unstable, but Apocalypse is otherwise pretty fun, like a behind-the-back perspective Smash T.V. When you die, you can restart from the beginning of the level you reached.
  • My style of playing so far has been to run straight through the levels, casually shooting at anyone I see, stopping for nothing. It worked pretty well so far, but level 3 seems to force me to play properly. :)
  • 2014-07-16
  • Oh yeah, a short clip of a sweet Nu metal music video in the game world. Nineties!
  • Completed level 3/11. DAMMIT those 3D platforming sections just might be the death of me! What's really frustrating is that the rest of the game really isn't that hard, but you'll just die over and over again from missing a jump and falling into lava.
  • Completed level 4/11. First try on defeating Death. He was a bit more tricky in Castlevania. :)
  • Completed level 5/11. Way easier than level 3. Now I reached the Graveyard stage with zombies and stuff...
  • 2014-07-17
  • Completed level 7/11.
  • Damn, I've fallen through cracks in the geometry twice now. Annoying.
  • 2014-07-18
  • Completed level 8/11. Damn, that War Factory was a hellish 3D platforming challenge. Fortunately, there was just enough extra lives thrown in to make it reasonable.
  • Completed level 9/11. Defeated War. Annoying chase sequence.
  • Aha, to the left of the White House is an extra life. Very helpful.
  • General tip: smart bombs work well against most enemies, including bosses and even flying enemies not on your plane, such as helicopters.
  • 2014-07-19
  • Yes! Even though there was a lot of platforming and only a couple of continue points, I got through the White House. And now to kill the president. That sentence should wake up the NSA bots. Just kidding, guys, it's only a video game.
  • That's one ugly looking president.
  • Four health bars? That's ridiculous.
  • Completed the game on Normal difficulty. Apocalypse was pretty fun, albeit a bit frustrating at certain points. The challenge was never completely unfair, and the basic gameplay is enjoyable, although I wish Neversoft had done something a bit more clever with cover and ducking. There is a top-down Gears of War somewhere in here, but they didn't quite find it.
  • 2021-12-05
  • I have been supporting Robert Peip aka 'FPGAZumSpass' on Patreon since he announced he was going to make a MiSTer PSX core. Today I booted the first PSX game on an early beta PSX core. The Activision logo didn't look right, but the game started up. No sound yet, though.

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