Ninja Masters (Neo Geo)

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I always had a weak spot for this one. It's a weapon-based fighter with ninjas for the Neo-Geo by ADK (Alpha Denshi Corp.) from 1996, greatly inspired by Samurai Shodown (1993), but different enough both in style and gameplay to be a very interesting play. This game does not use the Art of Fighting camera zoom, which I have come to dislike, so the graphics in NM has a bit more controlled look. The animation is very smooth, and the 10 characters are varied enough that you want to try playing with play with all of them. On the normal difficulty (4/8), I get all I can handle from the last 3-4 fights. In the end you get to fight Nobunaga yet again. How many times do I have to kill that dude?

Karasu vs. Nobunaga

Log entries

  • Completed the game with Karasu on 1/8 difficulty. Nobunaga was pretty tough.
  • Completed the game with Kamui on 4/8 difficulty. Took me 51m and 35s. It was hard...
  • 2020-08-05
  • Erik and I played a few matches on my MiSTer. I like this game.

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