Ape Escape (PlayStation)

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Ape Escape


  • [13209]
    The mini-game room has real-time reflections! Your dude is not reflected, but everything else is.

Log entries

  • [4070]
    Ape Escape was the perfect game for my DualShock controller, and the game was just well-designed and cool in many ways. There is something extremely satisfying about capturing one of those little annoying monkeys in your net. I think I completed Ape Escape when I got it, but can't remember for sure...
  • 2014-12-25
  • [4934]
    Back at my dad's place in Fjerritslev, I popped this fun game back in the old grey box. Hope it still works.
  • [4935]
    The voice acting of the kids is ... cringeworthy.
  • [4937]
    Completed Prehistoric Era and Cenozoic Era (2/7). Still a fun game, the monkey-capturing mechanic is still satisfying.
  • [4938]
    Completed Primitive Age (3/7). I remember all the levels so far, especially Dexter's Island where parts of the level are inside the bowels of a big red dragon thing.
  • [4939]
    Ape Escape is the only game I can remember having real oar-controlled boats.
  • [4940]
    Argh, that UFO monkey is super duper annoying! I need to find a weapon that works against those.
  • [4941]
    The soundtrack is almost all jungle. Nice! :)
  • [4942]
    I fell way down on the hot springs level, and would have had to climb up again, but learned the Slingshot flying glitch from the skateman222 speed run and flew all the way back up.
  • [4943]
    Completed Ice age (4/7).
  • [4944]
    Ape Escape holds up pretty well, but I wish there was less 3D platforming and more monkey catching.
  • 2014-12-26
  • [4945]
    Buzz sucks so much. So ... much.
  • [4946]
    After a lame boss fight with what appeared to be an armored Santa Claus, I completed Recent Past (5/7).
  • 2014-12-27
  • [4948]
    I wanted to finish this before leaving for my brother's house tomorrow, so I guess it has to be right now. :)
  • [4949]
    I just got the RC Car! What a great mechanic to introduce so late in the game!
  • [4951]
    Completed Present-Day 2 (6/7).
  • [4952]
    Boss perspective!
  • [4953]
    Robot assembling!
  • [4954]
    I stood really close to the robot and hit it a bunch of times. First attempt!
  • [4955]
    Completed the game. 47.3% complete, got 126/204 monkeys. I wasn't sure whether this game was a japanese production, but looking at the credits, it definitely is.
  • [4956]
    Thinking back to the first time I played this 15 years ago... I definitely remember getting the RC Car and loving it, but I don't remember the last couple of levels or the final boss fight, so I don't think I completed it before.


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