The Playroom VR (PlayStation 4)

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  • [10527]
    After borrowing a PSVR from Jeppe, this minigame collection popped up on my PlayStation menu, and after installing it, I could experience the magic of a virtual DualShock floating in space in front of me, with every button and joystick reacting to the input of my invisible fingers. And I was smiling like an idiot as I shot a rocket out of my touch pad and started playing a little claw game, fishing for adorable detailed models that populated my surroundings. The first big surprise came when I turned around and saw a whole bunch of little robots cheering behind me, and a giant dragon looking down from above. The second surprise was when I looked at the recording and saw myself from the outside as a robot man. Apparently, what is seen on the TV screen is not necessarily what I see in VR.
  • 2020-03-27
  • [10543]
    Malu tried all the minigames. One was super fun, where the VR player was a robot cat trying to catch robot mice played by players using the TV. The robot cat repeated what Malu said in the VR microphone in a high pitched voice, which was a fun surprise.


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