Encounter (Atari 8-bit)

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Fast first person shooter, similar to Battlezone. The game was made by Paul Woakes, who also made the amazing Amiga game Backlash.
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Scores - Novice:
 10300 ...........  on 2014-06-28

Log entries

  • [4096]
    I got into the black portal twice, but died both times. What's at the end of that tunnel?
  • [4098]
    Got the score 10300 in Novice.
  • 2020-09-12
  • [11124]
    I've been playing around with the MiSTer Atari 8-bit core, but it's difficult, since I don't know anything about these computers. A lot of cool games were made for this thing. I managed to get Encounter to work and played my best game yet.
  • [11126]
    This runs from an ATR disk image on the 'OS-A' BIOS and 64K RAM. I had to learn to insert disk, exit menu, and then press F10 to reset.


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