Backlash (Amiga)

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Similar to Encounter, the 1984 Atari 800 game, Backlash is a first person shooter set on a desolate planet where hostile alien vehicles emerge from the ground. Slow-moving, dodgeable fireballs are used by both the player and the enemies. Progress is indicated by the planet having a day/night cycle, where every day has a new color scheme. The game has an extremely clean art style and interface, and the audio sounds like generated sounds only.
- Thanks to Joakim for donating his Amiga 500 to me for christmas
Blob shadows. Also, everything is round.


Other scores:
 82656 ...........  on 2015-05-18
 45385 ...........  on 2012-12-25
 23922 ...........  on 2015-05-17

Scores - FS-UAE:
 69332 ...........  on 2017-03-18

Scores - MiSTer:
 41697 ...........  on 2020-07-04

Log entries

  • [2237]
    This game was *dope*. Very cool graphics and sound.
  • 2012-12-25
  • [2284]
    Got the score 45385. Played the Backlash game of my life on my new christmas present Amiga 500!
  • 2015-05-17
  • [5383]
    Got the score 23922. Reached the green level 3. Love this game.
  • 2015-05-18
  • [5385]
    Got the score 82656. I used a double spawn camping technique I discovered as a kid, lining up two spawn points and continually shooting over them. It does not work for later enemy types, however, as some of them fire immediately when spawning. Also, I have started charging directly at the Seekers, and then reversing when they get close.
  • [5386]
    The sound of your own shots have a delay effect on them, a weird auditory illusion considering that the player is in a completely open space.
  • 2017-03-18
  • [7577]
    Got the score 69332 in FS-UAE. I reached the pink stage, recording a stream for YouTube. Love this game.
  • 2020-07-04
  • [10868]
    Got the score 41697 in MiSTer.


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