Stick It to the Man! (PlayStation 4)

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Stick It to the Man!

Log entries

  • [4129]
    Starting this game for the first time, my PS4 just locked up, and I had to unplug the power cord to get it working again. Probably not the game's fault, though.
  • [4130]
    Completed chapter 3/10.
  • [4131]
    This is very interesting. The cardboard cut-out style is similar to an idea I had some years ago, and it is really cool to see it brought to life. The art is well executed and stylish, and the world is rendered with great looking focus effects. The animation is not great, but does convey that the world is made of paper. The game plays like a simple adventure game with some extremely light platforming. The controls for the arm are a bit annoying, but all is forgiven, once I started to read the minds of other characters by listening to voices from my controller. Just a great idea. The dialogue is well written, but the voice acting is a bit annoying. Not any worse than the old adventure games, though.


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