Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4)

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Velocity 2X

Log entries

  • [4465]
    Completed 10/50 levels during a short break at work. This free PlayStation Plus game was an extremely nice surprise, extremely fast and responsive, with cool teleporting mechanics. I like!
  • [4468]
    PSN is down, the reason probably being that Minecraft is released for PS4 right now, and their servers are being swamped in horrible hordes of children wanting to build voxel castles.
  • [4471]
    Download's working!
  • [4472]
    This is *great*! I love that the game just layers mechanics upon mechanics, until your head is spinning. And it's so fast. I replayed the first levels (cloud saves didn't work), and reached level 19/50. I can't play anymore, I'm too tired for this.
  • 2014-09-05
  • [4473]
    Completed 30/50 levels. I got up at 7:00 to play this game. I never do that.
  • [4474]
    The place teleporter, go left route, teleport back, go right route mechanic is extremely satisfying. It looks super confusing if you're not playing, which is great.
  • [4476]
    I also really enjoying sliding under a low ceiling, then teledashing up or down while sliding, just before hitting something that kills you.
  • 2014-09-07
  • [4505]
    Level 33 is a crazy boss fight, where you shoot numbered pods rotating around a boss ship that shoots waves of bullets and rotating beams. When you shoot the front of the ship, you enter it and have to dodge force fields and shoot more numbered pods. You exit back out and repeat.
  • [4506]
    Level 38 ... I ran out of XP. Must harvest.
  • [4507]
    Completed 40/50 levels.


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