Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine

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Avoid the Cyber-Noid

log entries

  • 4525
    There was something that really fascinated me about this single screen shooter. I never got far, the game seemed fiendishly difficult.
  • 2014-09-20
  • 4546
    Cybernoid is on my awesome 'Game Collection 1' disk together with IK+, Rick Dangerous, and Qix. Ah, piracy.
  • 4547
    GAME OVER. PLEASE STICK TO SPACE INVADERS. Damn you, Cybernoid, you're so difficult!
  • 4548
    Got the score 3165.
  • 4549
    No music in this version. Guess the cracker dudes stripped it out to fit the game with 3 others on the same disk.


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