SteamWorld Dig (PlayStation 4)

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            Series : SteamWorld
         Developer : Image & Form
          Graphics : Polygonal 2D Graphics
            Themes : Tomb raiding
        Other Tags : steampunk

          Trophies :

SteamWorld Dig

Log entries

  • [4591]
    This was on sale. I kind of like the way it looks, even though it might be too boring in the long run? Let's see.
  • 2014-09-27
  • [4596]
    I've played for a few hours, and the game is what I expected: A nice, relaxing experience, just enough progression to keep you playing, and I enjoy slowly getting familiar with the layout of my mine.
  • [4597]
    Oh, now I have a Drill instead of a Pickaxe. Gamechanger!
  • [4598]
    completed the game. I destroyed the robot thingie. I played all day, 7 hours and 26 minutes. Mined 12638$, 122 Orbs, and died 30 times.


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