Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SEGA Genesis)

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Truly horrifying imagery in Ghouls 'n Ghosts

Log entries

  • [4749]
    My first game of Ghouls, I reached the windy area. Does this have infinite continues? Also, the difficulty defaults to PRACTICE, which I think can be used to reach the final area, where you are forced to start over in EXPERT mode to reach Loki, the final boss.
  • 2014-11-21
  • [4752]
    Completed level 1 and 2. Level 1 was pretty cool, although the boss fight was a bit uninteresting. Level 2 starts out with The Village of Decay (and turtles) that looks completely awful, and with a particularly annoying quicksand sequence. The last parts of the level are more fun, with loads of horrible fire demons everywhere. I should be able to start at level 3 using the title screen cheat: UDLR and then start using D+Start.
  • [4753]
    To complete the game, I have to complete stage 5 and defeat the Phantom Bee(!), then the game will restart. After restarting, opening a chest while wearing the Gold Armor yields a magic weapon needed for the final boss, Loki. The weapon must be equipped when fighting the Bee. Taking damage while the weapon is equipped doesn't remove the weapon.
  • 2014-11-22
  • [4756]
    Completed level 3. I'm having a lot of trouble with the last part of level 4. Stupid slidy surfaces, pointy emeralds, and carnivorous plants.
  • [4757]
    Yes! Completed level 4. I ended up getting past the carnivorous plant section by letting myself get hit from the left and falling down to the bottom. Then a few jumps later, I was at the end boss, a crazy creature with 5 hearts and worms coming out of it. It was pretty tricky to deal with, but also quite entertaining.
  • 2014-11-23
  • [4760]
    I've had it with these motherf'in snakes in this motherf'in castle! Level 5 is a real bitch.
  • [4762]
    Damn, that first checkpoint was difficult. So many snakes and demons.
  • 2014-11-29
  • [4785]
    By sheer luck, jumping skills, and taking a hit by the last head-thing guarding the final boss, I managed to get through to the last checkpoint. Man, that was a nightmarish second to last checkpoint. But I guess it is possible to get through the second to last checkpoint without taking out the eye clouds and the head thing.
  • [4786]
    Accomplished Round one cleared.. - Yes! Defeated the Bee by a normal attack, avoid, attack cycle. And now for round two.
  • [4787]
    Oh MAN, that turtle village first checkpoint was HORRIBLE.
  • [4788]
    Is there a pattern to the chests? Do you first encounter the annoying wizard dude, then an armor, then the magical weapon?
  • [4789]
    Completed the game on Practice (1/2) difficulty. I did it! With Jeppe playing Contra III next to me, I beat this super difficult game. My Genesis has been turned on all week to be able to continue. Now I can turn it off again.


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