TIS-100 (Windows)

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  • [5430]
    This computer science puzzle game is super fun and difficult. I like its no-nonsense visual style and the awesome choice of including a authentic CPU manual for the fake computer system represented in the game. TIS-100 is in early access on Steam, but the parts I tried seems finished.
  • [5431]
    Completed the 3 first segments. For the third one, I had to remember that (B-A) = -(A-B). *slaps forehead*
  • 2015-06-04
  • [5433]
    Completed 7 segments. It seems the instruction timing between nodes is nondeterministic. I made a SIGNAL PATTERN DETECTOR that only works once in a while, because I assumed deterministic timing.
  • 2015-06-07
  • [5435]
    I guess it is deterministic after all. Mikkel G explained to me that the input-output data starts out the same every time, but then proceeds with a random sequence that also has to work. I made an algorithm that worked some of the time, and actually got a better score than I deserved by accident. Maybe a bit of a design flaw, but at least I know why.


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