Mindshadow (Amiga)

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         Developer : Interplay
             Genre : Adventure games

not completed.

Mindshadow is a text adventure with graphical still images and one of the earliest Amiga games. It was the first game developed by Brian Fargo's company Interplay, originally written in 1984 for the Apple II by Allen (or Ayman) Adham, co-founder of Silicon & Synapse, programmer on Battle Chess and The Lost Vikings, and lead designer of World of Warcraft. The game was released by Activision.


Log entries

  • I have always been very focused on graphics in games, especially when I was younger, so I never played a lot of text adventures on the Amiga. I have a vague memory of seeing the Mindshadow box somewhere in those days, but I never played it.
  • I have steel, shell, and used a vine to crawl down to a cave. What now?
  • Oh, you have to dig in the cave to get a map.
  • I've intepreted the map as: 'stand in front of the hut, and move NNEN, EESS, E.'
  • And to go back: W, NNWW, SWSS.
  • I find a rock in the cave, climb up the vine, and then I fell to my death, because I was overencumbered? Game over, start again. That seems overly harsh.
  • You can drown in quick sand! That's the punishment for misreading the map.
  • Yes, I got some straw, used a rock on the steel and lit a fire ... inside a straw hut. I'm dead.
  • Dammit, I was being too clever. I wanted to burn the hut or the old ship to make a great big fire, but all I needed was a little fire in the location where you start the game. Why there? When I look at the ocean, I see a ship from that location.
  • The game only has 3 parts, and I've completed the first.
  • 2018-11-12
  • This tweet from 2013 by Brian Fargo, CEO of Interplay Productions, mentions Ayman Adham as programmer on Mindshadow:
    Another bit of trivia: I hired the eventual founder of Blizzard, Ayman Adham to program for me on Mindshadow.

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