Gradius III (SNES)

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            Series : Gradius
         Developer : Konami
             Genre : Scrolling shoot 'em up

not completed.
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Scores - Easy ZSNES:
 270100 ..........  on 2015-10-24

Scores - Easy:
 146100 ..........  on 2015-10-24
  90300 ..........  on 2015-10-17

Log entries

  • [5913]
    Reached the boss of level 3/10 on Easy difficulty. Easy difficulty is reasonable, and you do get 3 continues.
  • [5914]
    The slowdown is pretty horrible. What is it with early SNES games and poor frame rates?
  • [5916]
    Got the score 90300 in Easy.
  • 2015-10-24
  • [5933]
    You can get more credits on the title screen by mashing X!
  • [5934]
    I tried playing on Normal difficulty, and it seems completely fine.
  • [5935]
    The stage 3 music is great. I get so excited whenever I get here.
  • [5936]
    Completed stage 3/10. That Big Core MK III was really doing a number on me, but I got it in the end.
  • [5937]
    Completed stage 4/10. This is probably the Moaiest Moai level I've seen. So Moai.
  • [5938]
    I found a secret level in level 2 by going down into an opening in the blue goop on the bottom left.
  • [5939]
    Got the score 146100 in Easy.
  • [5940]
    Got the score 270100 in Easy ZSNES.
  • [5941]
    I reached the boss rush and was murdered by a Nautilus looking thing.
  • 2015-10-25
  • [5942]
    The nautilus looking thing is called Dellinger Core, and it is the final boss of stage 8/10. Getting pretty close.


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