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This port of the 1988 arcade seems technically impressive for its time. The graphics seems to be imported more or less directly to the Genesis, making everything seem huge, but also resulting in the game feeling a bit claustrophobic at times.

log entries

  • 5927
    Tried playing Truxton on the Fusion emulator for the first time on Easy difficulty, and immediately got further than I've ever gotten in the arcade game, easily beating the big tank boss. And then the enemies start coming from the back... In any case, this version plays pretty well.
  • 2015-10-31
  • 5968
    completed the game on Easy difficulty. I had spent hours playing through the whole game up until the final boss, and my right arm hurts from mashing the 'A' button as fast as possible to give me that extra edge over this sometimes unfair game. I had died many times at the final boss, before I decided to try the 'C' button for the first time. 'C' is auto-fire. I feel pretty stupid right now. :D
  • 5969
    Hmm... The box art is actually spoiling the last boss fight.